ROX 11.1 EVO


GPS training computer with a broad range of functions

Whether you are trying for a best time, maintaining your fitness level, or just want to share your tours with friends and family, the ROX 11.1 EVO bike computer is your perfect training partner for indoor and outdoor training. In addition to its many training functions, the GPS bike computer offers navigation, structured workouts, and connection to external sensors. This allows you to focus entirely on your performance – the ROX 11.1 EVO does the rest. The LIVE function allows you to analyse your training data at any time with the SIGMA RIDE app.


The bike computer’s 150 functions reliably support and guide you when you are training or on a ride with your friends. The ROX 11.1 EVO delivers all data reliably and in real time. Its scope of function includes speed and distance tracking with GPS, barometric altitude measurement, navigation, and compatibility with e-bikes and external sensors. The integrated Crash Alert feature informs your emergency contacts if you fall off your bike. Smart notifications inform you of incoming calls and messages during your ride. Create workouts using the service of your choice and import them in FIT format into your ROX 11.1 EVO.


Your freedom knows no bounds. Four of up to 20 possible sport profiles are already pre-installed on the ROX 11.1 EVO. Create your own sport profile and use the ROX 11.1 on different bikes. Six different training views with one to six data fields can be highlighted in colour with the SIGMA RIDE app, with a configuration tailored entirely to you. This lets you keep an eye on your personal goals. Screens for workout and navigation are also installed. An additional data page can be called up for connected FE-C smart trainers. Connect your ROX with a smart phone and track your performances right away on the SIGMA RIDE app Live Screen.

ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
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Up to 20 different sport profiles, such as road bike and mountain bike, can be installed and called up on the ROX 11.1 EVO.

ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
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Design your personal cockpit and select individually how many and what values should be shown on your display.

ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 11.1 EVO
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The individual data fields can be highlighted in up to eight different colours, allowing a better overview and quicker readability.


Digital rear-view mirror

Connect your ROX 11.1 EVO to a radar and get information about approaching vehicles.
The bike radar serves as your digital rear-view mirror and detects approaching vehicles, forwarding the data to the ROX in real time. This enables you to keep an eye on the traffic behind you, estimate the speed of approaching vehicles, and adjust your riding behaviour accordingly.

Intelligent navigation functions


“Search & Go” navigation allows you to find a specific location and navigate there. You can enter an address into the SIGMA RIDE app on your smart phone or click on a point on the map. Trail preferences (bike trails, dirt roads, paved roads, and running/hiking trails) can be set individually. The track thus created can be started directly on your ROX 11.1 EVO or saved in the RIDE app for later.

Tracks from third parties

The track navigation allows you to precisely ride a planned route. To do this, create a track in the SIGMA DATA CENTER or with a tour portal of your choice (komoot, Strava, etc.) and import it into the SIGMA RIDE app. You can then start your tour in the app and ride it right away or save it and start it later on your bike computer. The ROX 11.1 EVO can store up to 36 tracks offline. This allows you to navigate your tour without a connection to your smart phone.

Turn-by-turn navigation

During navigation, the track and turn-by-turn directions are shown directly on the ROX 11.1 EVO display. A pop-up window with an acoustic signal tells you when to turn next. The distance to the next turn-off is counted down and the street name displayed. If you leave the track, the ROX 11.1 EVO sends you a notification and displays the shortest route back to it. The track view zooms automatically with your speed so that you are never surprised by a curve. If you leave the track, the zoom level is increased automatically so that you can always see the track and find your way back to it quickly.


How long, how fast, how high? Save up to 100 hours of riding time on your ROX 11.1 EVO to keep an eye on your values at all times. Analyse your performance quickly on the ROX 11.1 EVO or the SIGMA RIDE app’s Live Screen. After training, the SIGMA DATA CENTER is, of course, available to you on your PC or Mac. There, you can analyse your data in more detail and plan tracks. Compare your training values, check out your progress, and use the workouts to control your individual training. Use the many SIGMA RIDE app sharing options to let your friends and teammates know about your successes.

Video tip


Navigation information and ride data can be very easily read on the 1.77-inch transmissive colour display because of its outstanding contrast. The display is continuously lit and adjusts automatically to various lighting conditions thanks to its ambient light sensor. Do you want your display to be brighter or dimmer? No problem! As needed, you can set ten different brightness levels. The data fields in the training view can be set as you desire and highlighted in colour. Combined with the high-contrast display and the large digits, this ensures excellent legibility.


The ROX 11.1 EVO wins over customers with its compact, modern design. It is very light at 55 grammes and fits perfectly into your cockpit. This lets you keep an eye on everything without the bike computer impairing your performance.

Two colours to choose from
The ROX 11.1 EVO is available in two colours: subtle grey or bolder white. The display is AR-coated so that it can be read easily even in the woods.


The ROX 11.1 EVO stands out with its simple, intuitive operation. The five large buttons are easily accessible, so the bike computer is extremely easy to use even when you’re wearing gloves. The simple menu navigation helps you find your way around easily, taking you right where you want to go in just a few steps. When it is started up, the device goes straight to training mode, and you can start riding. A separate menu button allows fast access to settings and functions such as workout and track navigation. The ROX 11.1 EVO emits an acoustic signal when you receive a message or a call or need to turn.


Are you up for some indoor training? Connect the ROX 11.1 EVO to your smart trainer or stationary bicycle trainer. This lets you use the numerous training computer features during indoor training as well.


BLE and ANT+ make it extremely easy to fluidly and reliably combine sensors that measure speed, cadence, and pulse. You can get the ROX 11.1 EVO in a set with our new magnet-free speed and cadence sensors (which are also available as accessories). Your ROX 11.1 EVO can also be paired to your electronic switching or the power meter.

Speed measurement

SRAM eTap compatible

Cadence measurement

Shimano Di2 compatible

Heart rate measurement

Smart Trainer (ANT+)

Watt measurement with power meter


The ROX 11.1 EVO is e-bike-ready and can be easily connected to many e-bikes. Your GPS bike computer establishes a connection to the compatible e-bike system and shows you specific values such as the remaining ride range, battery charge, and support level.



Record your data with the bike computer and analyse them right away with the SIGMA RIDE app’s LIVE screen. You can set your individual training views extremely easily while you’re riding or use one of the pre-programmed views.


The ROX 11.1 EVO automatically detects a fall and gives you 30 seconds to confirm that you’re OK. If there is no confirmation, the SIGMA RIDE app automatically sends an SMS to your emergency contacts and gives them your GPS data. You can also save emergency information such as blood type, name, and medication to your device. If there is an emergency, this information will appear on your display.


Smart notifications connect your smartphone to the ROX 11.1 EVO even when you’re riding. Notifications of incoming calls, messages, and e-mails appear automatically on your display. You can even read short messages directly on your ROX 11.1 EVO. If you need quiet while you’re riding, you can disable sounds or smart notifications.


Developed especially for the ROX 11.1 EVO, the Short Butler positions the ROX 11.1 EVO closer to your handlebars and in a more streamlined position than the standard GPS handlebar holder does. There nothing between you and a new best time! The Short Butler can be mounted on handlebars with diameters of 25.4 and 31.8 mm in a few easy steps. Curved handlebars? Use the 3D rubber pads to straighten your ROX 11.1 EVO.


You prefer a lower profile? Then mount your ROX 11.1 EVO with the GPS handlebar bracket. This disc can be mounted to the handlebars or stem with cable ties, and the ROX 11.1 EVO can be twisted into it and fixed in place with a single click.

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ROX 11.1 EVO

Art.No.: WEB-01030

UVP: 169,95 249,95 

Delivery time: 2 - 3 Days

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Features & functions

Dimension (W x L x H) 46,8 x 66,1 x 20,8 mm
Mount compatibility GPS Mount Overclamp Butler Short Butler
Weight 55 g
Water resistance IP67
Battery 1000 mAh (Li Ion), 3.7 V
Touchscreen -
Display size 1.77"
Resolution (pixel) 128 x 160
Color display / Number of colors 262 k colors
Display technology Transmissive
Typical battery life 18 Hours
Connectivity ANT+ BLE
Smart notifications
Sensor technology Cadence Electronic shifting Heart rate Power meter Radar Smart Trainer (FE-C)
E-Bike Ready
Map navigation -
Search & Go-Navigation
Track navigation
Turn-by-turn navigation
Number of tracks on the device Up to 36
Barometric altitude measurement
Ambient light sensor
Acceleration sensor
Preinstalled sport profiles 8
Individually adjustable sport profiles Up to 24
Individually adjustable training pages Up to 6
Individually adjustable number of training values per page Up to 6
Templates for training views 8
Colors to highlight the training values 8
Number of workouts on device Up to 36
Strava Live Segmente -
Crash Alert
Alarms Drinks Food Individual
Auto pause
Lap function Automatic (time / distance) Manual
Target zone training Cadence Heart rate Power Speed
Data analysis
Memory Up to 100 h training
File format .fit
Basic functions
Average speed
Maximum speed
Training time (net)
Training time (gross)
Speed graph
SIGMA Performance Index
Calories Only in connection with and use of an HF sensor
Clock (12/24 hrs)
Altitude measurement
Current altitude
Gradient (in %)
Rise rate
Altitude graph
Altitude uphill
Maximum altitude
Average rise rate
Maximum rise rate
Average incline uphill
Maximum incline uphill
Altitude downhill
Average rate of descent
Maximum rate of descent
Average gradient
Maximum gradient
Number of ascents
Number of descents
Minimum height
Cadence functions
Average cadence
Maximum cadence
Cadence graph
Heart rate functions
Current heart rate
Average heart rate
Maximum heart rate
Minimum heart rate
Maximum heart rate (in % )
Average % max. heart rate
Target zone
Intensity zones
Heart rate graph
Power functions
Balance 10 sec - average
Balance 3 Sec - average
Balance 30 Sec - average
Balance average
Pedal smoothness
Current power
Power - %FTP
Average power
Power 3 sec - average
Power 10 sec - average
Power 30 sec - average
Power - intensity factor
Power - Max
Power in Kilojoule (KJ)
Normalized power
Training Stress Score
Power in Watt / KG
Power zones
Torque Effectiveness (--% / --%)
Power graph
E-Bike functions
E-bike battery
Support (watt)
Human Power vs. Motor Power
Support level
Gear indicator
E-bike total distance
E-bike total time
Indoor trainer functions
Trainer resistance
Trainer mode
Trainer target power
Automatic lap functions (time or distance based)
Lap Number - AutoLap
Lap time - AutoLap
Distance - AutoLap
Avg speed - AutoLap
Maximum speed - AutoLap
Calories - AutoLap
Average altitude - AutoLap
Maximum altitude - AutoLap
Altitude uphill - AutoLap
Altitude downhill - AutoLap
Average incline uphill - AutoLap
Average slope downhill - AutoLap
Average rate of ascent - AutoLap
Average rate of descent - AutoLap
Average balance - AutoLap
Average power - AutoLap
Maximum power - AutoLap
Normalized power - AutoLap
Average cadence - AutoLap
Maximum cadence - AutoLap
Average heart rate - AutoLap
Maximum heart rate - AutoLap
Pedalling time - AutoLap
Pedalling index - AutoLap
Auto lap liste
Manual lap functions
Lap Number - Lap
Lap time - Lap
Distance - Lap
Avg speed - Lap
Maximum speed - Lap
Calories - Lap
Average altitude - Lap
Maximum altitude - Lap
Altitude uphill - Lap
Altitude downhill - Lap
Average incline uphill - Lap
Average slope downhill - Lap
Average rate of ascent - Lap
Average rate of descent - Lap
Average balance - Lap
Average power - Lap
Maximum power - Lap
Normalized power - Lap
Average cadence - Lap
Maximum cadence - Lap
Average heart rate - Lap
Maximum heart rate - Lap
Pedalling time - Lap
Pedalling index - Lap
Lap list - Lap
Navigation functions
Time to destination
Estimated time of Arrival
Distance to destination
Track Navigation
Turning guidance
Distance to the next waypoint
Electronic shifting
Battery status
Front gear (chain ring)
Gear ratio
Rear gear
Di2 Shifting mode
Status functions
Current temperature
Minimum temperature
Maximum temperature
GPS Accuracy
Device battery status
Air pressure


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