BC 8.0 WR



Advanced beginners

The BC 8.0 WR is the advanced gateway to the world of SIGMA Originals. Your compact, durable companion on long bike rides can perform the eight most important functions. You will be able to keep an eye on your current speed, and the wired BC 8.0 WR also gives you your average speed and total trip time. The big button lets you toggle effortlessly between clock, ride time, total distance, and trip distance. On vacation or on the way to work or school, this bike computer meets all your advanced needs!

The essential values

On a cycling tour with your family or riding to work, you can keep an eye on the eight most important values with the BC 8.0 WR.

Compares your speeds

Increase your speed on the way to work or school! A special feature of the BC 8.0 WR is its continuous comparison between your current and average speeds. The comparison is displayed with an arrow: If it is pointing up, you are faster than your average. If it is pointing down, you are slower.

Stable data transfer

The speedometer’s direct cable connection with the transmitter ensures smooth speed measurement. The BC 8.0 WR needs no battery for wired transmission, and you can use your bike computer for years without changing its battery.

Compact, yet clear

With its simple, slim aesthetics, the BC 8.0 WR looks good on any bike. Its 31 x 39 mm display is just the right size to give you a perfect overview of your data. The bike computer is an eye-catcher on a road bike, city bike, or even a child’s bike.

Easy to use

Setting up and using the BC 8.0 WR is very easy – and requires just one button. You can toggle through the functions easily, even while you’re riding. It is the perfect speedometer for children.


You can mount the handlebar bracket and the speed transmitter on your bike with the cable ties included. The computer receives all the necessary data through the cable. You can remove the BC 8.0 WR quickly and store it in your pocket when you park your bike at school or work.

Speaks seven languages

The wired BC 8.0 WR is quite the linguist. Its full text display can be in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, or Polish – seven languages in all.

Records multi-day tours

Do you like riding your bike on the weekend once in a while? Or are you a commuter and want to see your riding time and kilometres over several days? The BC 8.0 WR gives you all your data: it records total distance and ride time.

Bicycle inspection reminder function

A bicycle needs regular maintenance, because it reveals defects in the brakes, chain and tyres. Thanks to the service interval, the BC 8.0 WR reminds you to have your bike inspected after 750 kilometres. The service interval is therefore a helpful feature for your safety and appears for a total of five times after switching on the device.

Long battery life

You do not have to worry about your BC 8.0 WR’s battery life. A button battery (CR 2032) is enough to power your speedometer for a long time: The wired bike computer can run on one of them for about two years. No matter how long your tour is, the SIGMA ORIGINAL will operate longer!

Usable in wind and weather

Showers on the way to work or school are no problem for the BC 8.0 WR – it is water-resistant and weatherproof.

Tyre sizes specified

You can conveniently select the pre-defined tyre sizes, ranging all the way from a small child’s bike to a 29″ bike, so setting the BC 8.0 WR is effortless. You can also enter the tyre circumference exactly to the millimetre.

BC 8.0 WR

Art.No.: 08210

UVP: 26,95 

Delivery time: 2 - 3 Days


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Features & functions

Automatic start/stop unlimited
Programmable based on tire selection
Available languages DE-EN-FR-IT-ES-NL-PL
Service interval adjustable (by the retailer)
Basic functions
Avg speed
Comparison of cur. / avg. speed
Total distance
Ride time
Total ride time
Clock (12/24 hrs)


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