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Makes the night as bright as day

With 2000 lumens, the BUSTER 2000 is SIGMA’s most powerful light on and off the road. A burn time of up to 20 hours leaves nothing to chance, even on long night rides. Four light modes and three flashing modes will always provide the right amount of illumination. With the remote control on the handlebar, you can easily operate the BUSTER 2000 while riding. For even more versatility, the light can also mounted on a helmet. A powerful battery pack is included too and will ensure many hours of riding fun.


With a light output of 2000 lumens, the light is a real power package. A special high-performance triple lens with integrated CREE LEDs ensures a very even light distribution and excellent illumination of the trails. So you are safe on the road and can enjoy your night ride to the full.

Seven light modes for every situation


Lumens ≤ 2000
burn time ≤ 2.3 h


Lumens ≤ 1100
burn time ≤ 5 h


Lumens ≤ 600
Burn time ≤ 10 h


Lumens ≤ 300
burn time ≤ 20 h


Lumens ≤ 1250
burn time ≤ 9 h

pulse flash

Lumens ≤ 1050
burn time ≤ 11 h

sos flash

Lumens ≤ 1300
burn time ≤ 10 h

The BUSTER 2000 is ready for any bike adventure. You can adjust its luminosity to your exact needs at any time and control the burn time of this powerful light. Whether full light power for rides in total darkness or to make yourself visible in traffic, four light modes and three flashing modes always provide the right illumination. The SOS flash mode ensures safety should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation.

Everything under control

With a 14 gram light and compact remote control, the BUSTER 2000 is incredibly easy to operate. The remote is especially practical if you have mounted the light on your helmet. The wireless remote control is quickly attached to your handlebara with an O-ring and, thanks, to the fluorescent buttons, you can find it quickly even in the dark.

Switching on and off and changing modes is very easy with two buttons. The upper button is used to switch on and off and to change the flashing modes. The lower button switches through the four continuous light modes.

Battery Pack with LED battery indicator

The Panasonic cells installed in the battery pack have an electrical charge of 6400 mAh and provide a lighting duration of up to 20 hours. The current charge level of the batteries can be read instantly at the touch of a button. Four LEDs indicate the capacity quickly and reliably. You can charge external devices such as bike computers or smartphones via the integrated USB port. The battery pack fully charges within five hours.

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power to go

With the silicone holder and two silicone straps, you can attach the Battery Pack to the frame of your bike quickly, securely, and most importantly, without scratches. Of course, the Battery Pack can also be conveniently stowed in your backpack with the extension cable. The practical plug-in system makes it easy to disconnect and connect the BUSTER 2000 and Battery Pack. It also significantly reduces the risk of cable breakage.

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Two mounting systems are included with the light. With the screw bracket, you can attach the BUSTER 2000 to the handlebar quickly and without tools. The universal helmet mount flexibly adapts to all common helmet models. The BUSTER 2000 is also compatible with a GoPro mount.

Light & compact

Power with a double click

You can switch on the BUSTER 2000 with a quick double click on the light or the remote. The double click ensures the light does not accidentally switch on by itself when you are carrying the light in your backpack. Both the control button on the light and the buttons on the remote are fluorescent, so you can easily see them in the dark.

wind and waterproof

The BUSTER 2000 is anything but water-shy. It is splash-proof according to the international IP44 standard. This means that you can leave it on your bike without any problems in many situations, including when you spray it down with water after your ride.

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Art.No.: 17000

UVP: 199,99 

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Features & functions

General (Lightings)
Beam range 200 m
Run time 2.3 h in High mode, 5 h in Mid mode, 10 h in Low mode, 20 h in Eco mode, 9 h in Flash mode, 11 h in Pulse flash mode, 10h in SOS flash mode
Maximum light output 2000 lumens
Charge time 5 h
Charge indicator four-stage charge indicator
Lighting modes Seven light modes: High (2000 lm), Mid (1100 lm), Low (600 lm), Eco (300 lm), Flash 1250 lm), Pulse flash (1050 lm), SOS flash (1300 lm)
Lighting type CREE LED
Splash resistant In accordance with IP44
Tool-free mounting
Switch on protection Double click for ON
Weight 125 g (without battery pack)


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