Sporty statisticians

This SIGMA ORIGINAL does a lot and does them all well: the BC 12.0 WL gives you access to twelve functions to give you an overview of your performance on two different bikes at all times. The wireless bike computer also provides monthly performance statistics. It is a true SIGMA ORIGINAL with lots of sophisticated functions!

Versatile thanks to twelve functions

The BC 12.0 WL is the ideal companion for all your cycling adventures. It captures monthly statistics, displays the current temperature, and can be used on two bikes.

An eye on temperature

If you are going somewhere on a bike, you want to know what the weather is like. The BC 12.0 WL has an integrated thermometer, showing you precisely what the temperature currently is.

Wireless data transfer

In the wireless (WL) version, the digitally coded STS radio protocol moves your data from the speed transmitter to your bike computer. This protects data while it is being transmitted to the BC 12.0 WL and eliminates external interference.

Can be used for two bikes

Which bike do you want to use today? Road bike, city bike, racing bike? If you ride different bikes, you can easily use the BC 12.0 WL on your second bike, too. After setting it up once, you can select the bike you are currently using on your bike computer. For mounting on a second bike, you will need an additional bracket, which you can find in the SIGMA online shop.

Predefined tyre sizes

Just a few clicks, and you’re ready to go: Thanks to the pre-defined tire sizes, ranging all the way from a small child’s bike to a 29″ bike, setting the BC 12.0 WL is effortless. You can also enter the tire circumference exactly to the millimeter.

Monthly statistics

When the ride is over, the BC 12.0 WL’s usefulness has just started. The wireless bike computer displays your personal statistics for the last twelve months, including total distance and ride time. This “workout diary” helps you compare your activities on a monthly basis.

Large backlit display

The BC 12.0 WL’s slim design and angular shape looks good, especially on a sporty bike. At 31 x 41 mm, the display is larger than its predecessor. That provides room for large numbers that are very easy to read during a ride. Combining functionality with practicality, the smart bike computer is backlit, so you can read your values easily even when it is dark. The BC 12.0 WL displays current speed continuously, and you can select whatever second value you want.


Simple use

You can set and operate the bike computer intuitively with three buttons. Use the two lower buttons to conveniently toggle among the individual functions, while the menu button takes you right to your settings and monthly statistics. The BC 12.0 WL is multifunctional but still easy to use!

Simple installation

The BC 12.0 WL’s bracket can be quickly mounted on the handlebars or stem with two cable ties (included). You can attach the speed sensor the same way. The computer receives all the data you need wirelessly. You can remove the bike computer at any time and stow it conveniently – and attach it to the bike again just as quickly.


Do you want to measure your cadence? Then pair the BC 12.0 with a cadence sensor, which is included in the BC 12.0 WL CAD package and also available separately as an accessory. Then you can keep an eye on your pedaling data.

For a perfect view:
the over clamp butler

You can also secure your BC 12.0 WL to your bike with the SIGMA Overclamp Butler, available from the online shop as an accessory. It gives you space and order and an ideal view of your device. You can use a screw to secure the BC 12.0 WL against theft. The Butler fits handlebars of 31.8 and 35 mm diameters.

Long Butler for an athletic posture

The Long Butler positions your bike computer away from the handlebars and encourages an athletic posture. The bracket can be mounted on handlebars with diameters of 25.4 and 31.8 mm in a few easy steps. You can use a screw to secure the bike computer against theft. The Long Butler is available as an accessory in the online shop.

Saves your multi-day tour

The BC 12.0 WL measures exactly how long you have been on the bike during your tour and how far you have ridden. You can conveniently measure ride time and distance for a multi-day cycling excursion.

Bicycle inspection reminder function

A bicycle needs regular maintenance, because it reveals defects in the brakes, chain and tyres. Thanks to the service interval, the BC 12.0 WL reminds you to have your bike inspected after 750 kilometres. The service interval is therefore a helpful feature for your safety and appears for a total of five times after switching on the device.

Reliable and thrifty

A button battery (CR 2450) supplies your BC 12.0 WL on all your rides for more than two years without being charged. During battery replacement, an integrated chip stores all the values and settings.

Water-resistant and weatherproof

The wireless BC 12.0 WL is water-resistant, so it can be used on your biking adventure regardless of the weather.


The wireless BC 12.0 WL is quite the linguist. Its full text display can be in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, or Polish – seven languages in all.

BC 12.0 WL

Art.No.: WEB-12211

UVP: 59,95 74,95 

Delivery time: 2 - 3 Days

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Features & functions

Automatic start/stop unlimited
Programmable based on tire selection
Available languages DE-EN-FR-IT-ES-NL-PL
Service interval adjustable (by the retailer)
Data retention when batteries are replaced (settings and total values)
12 months of workout statistics
Automatic pairing
Can be used for 2 bikes
Low battery indicator – computer head
Low battery indicator – transmitter
STS coded wireless trans. Up to 90 cm Range between transmitter and bike computer
Automatic bike recognition (Bike 1 / Bike 2)
Basic functions
Avg speed
Maximum speed
Comparison of cur. / avg. speed
Total distance
Ride time
Total ride time
Clock (12/24 hrs)
Cadence functions
Status functions
Current temperature


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