BC 10.0 WR



See your true speed

How fast can you be? Find out with the BC 10.0 WR. The compact but intuitive SIGMA ORIGINAL has the ten most important functions for your tour. In addition to values such as average speed and trip distance, you can have it display outside temperature and top speed. This makes the wired speedometer an all-rounder with all the essential functions.

All-rounder with ten functions

Whether you are commuting to the office, enjoying a ride in the country on the weekend, or speeding along with a road bike, the all-rounder places all essential data at your fingertips.

Temperature display

What are the conditions on your route to work our on the trail you plan to ride? Your smart companion, with its integrated thermometer, always displays the temperature precisely.

Maximum speed for more motivation

How fast you are going at certain points on your route? Did you make the little incline on your daily jaunt one km/h faster? The BC 10.0 WR shows the maximum speed as well as the average speed, motivating the cyclist to pedal faster.

Stable data transfer

The speedometer’s direct cable connection with the transmitter ensures smooth speed measurement. The BC 10.0 WR needs no battery for wired transmission, and you can use your bike computer for years without changing its battery.

Simple, slim, and clear

Clear and compact: The functions are shown clearly on a large display screen (31 x 39 mm). The SIGMA ORIGINAL is slim and simple, making it as elegant on a mountain bike as on a city bike.

One button is enough

The wired BC 10.0 WR is operated extremely easily and intuitively with a button on its bottom edge. This makes it easy to switch between the functions, even during a ride. Your ORIGINAL is practical: Its integrated start/stop function begins measurement as soon as you start your tour and stops when you take a break or finish your tour.


You can attach the BC 10.0 WR’s bracket with two cable ties. The speed transmitter can be mounted the same way. The computer receives all the necessary data through the cable. The speedometer can be removed in a single movement if you stop somewhere. Don’t give thieves a chance!

Seven languages to choose from

Your bike computer is quite the linguist. Its full text display can be in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, or Polish – seven languages in all.

Record multi-day tours

The BC 10.0 WR gives you an overview of your cycling holiday: If you will be riding for several days, you can record the entire riding time and distance automatically on your cabled bike computer.

Bicycle inspection reminder function

A bicycle needs regular maintenance, because it reveals defects in the brakes, chain and tyres. Thanks to the service interval, the BC 10.0 WR reminds you to have your bike inspected after 750 kilometres. The service interval is therefore a helpful feature for your safety and appears for a total of five times after switching on the device.

Optimised power consumption

A button battery (CR2032) supplies your BC 10.0 WR on all your tours for more than two years without being charged. So it can reliably record your route – and you know how much distance you covered on the excursion with your family. During battery replacement, all your values and settings remain protected.

Weatherproof companion

Whether it is just drizzling or really coming down, the BC 10.0 WR is waterproof and always ready to go!

Default tyre sizes

Thanks to the pre-defined tyre sizes from which you can select, ranging all the way from a small child’s bike to a 29″ bike, setting the BC 10.0 WR is effortless. You can also enter the tyre circumference exactly to the millimetre.

BC 10.0 WR

Art.No.: 10210

UVP: 29,95 

Delivery time: 2 - 3 Days


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Features & functions

Automatic start/stop unlimited
Programmable based on tire selection
Available languages DE-EN-FR-IT-ES-NL-PL
Service interval adjustable (by the retailer)
Data retention when batteries are replaced (settings and total values)
Basic functions
Avg speed
Maximum speed
Comparison of cur. / avg. speed
Total distance
Ride time
Total ride time
Clock (12/24 hrs)
Status functions
Current temperature


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