Light your trail with power

Ultimate power for more safety

It lights the way even on the darkest trail: The BUSTER 1100 HL’s innovative double lens ensures that you always have plenty of light. The two LEDs generate a powerful lighting pattern with 1100 lumens and 165 metres of beam range. If your on a long ride, you can charge the BUSTER 1100 HL during operation with the USB-C quick-charge function. And the six light modes can also be used to reduce brightness so that the environmentally friendly lithium ion battery lasts up to 50 hours. The memory function ensures that the BUSTER 1100 HL is in your favorite mode when you switch it on again.

Innovative double lens with Osram LED

The BUSTER 1100 HL lighting pattern is a real eye-catcher. It lights the trail perfectly so that curves and hanging branches are much easier to make out. This is possible thanks to a new double lens with two different optics and the two high-quality Osram LEDs. They ensure plenty of brightness and ideal light distribution. More fun and more safety on night rides!

Equipped with six light modes for any ride


Lumens ≤ 1100
Burn TIME ≤ 2 h


Lumens ≤ 800
Burn TIME ≤ 2,5 h


Lumens ≤ 400
Burn TIME ≤ 5 h


Lumens ≤ 150
Burn TIME ≤ 16 h


Lumens ≤ 800/400
Burn TIME ≤ 5 h


Lumens ≤ 200
Burn TIME ≤ 50 h

Sometimes you need all your light’s power on dark trails, sometimes you just want to be seen – and the BUSTER 1100 HL has the right solution for any biking situation. You can choose from six different modes to adjust luminosity and battery life. It’s a helmet light for all situations!

Mode display at a glance

From very bright to energy-conserving: The six different modes ensure you have enough light for any of your rides. The mode display on the top of the BUSTER 1100 HL shows you at a glance what light mode you are using.


Versatile and convenient

The five pre-set mode profiles make the BUSTER 1100 HL even more convenient: You can select the profile that is just right for your requirements and then simply switch between modes to the one you need at the moment. It makes operating your helmet light extremely easy!

The light with a memory

The memory function ensures that the BUSTER 1100 HL lights up just the way it was when you shut it off – in the same mode and with the same profile selection. This makes it easy for anyone to get started quickly.

Battery indicator provides an overview

To make sure that you aren’t suddenly in the dark, the BUSTER 1100 HL shows you the precise amount of battery power remaining at all times during your ride. When it is shut off, a short click on the On/Off button is enough to check the battery level. The battery charge level indicator helps with charging: The five levels show how far the charging process has progressed.



If the battery does go flat, the quick-charge function will get you moving again. The BUSTER 1100 HL can be charged completely via the USB-C port within 2.5 hours. If you don’t want to wait, you can charge the light during operation with a power bank.


The SIGMA logo on the longitudinal sides of the BUSTER 1100 HL functions as a Light Guide. It is not only a visual highlight, but also provides significantly greater lateral visibility on the trail.

Firm bracket for ideal fit

The BUSTER 1100 HL is delivered with a universal helmet holder that fixes the light firmly to your helmet, ensuring a secure fit – even on very bumpy night rides!

Video tip

Double-click for light

You can turn on the BUSTER 1100 HL with a double click. This function ensures that you can put the helmet light in your jersey or backpack without any trouble and without inadvertently switching it back on. A long press on the On/Off button, which can be operated easily even when you have gloves on, shuts the device off again.

Illumination even in the rain

The BUSTER 1100 HL light can penetrate even heavy rain to light your way. It is resistant to splash water in accordance with the international IPX4 standard. This means that night rides or road tours in wind and weather are no problem.

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Art.No.: 19860

UVP: 89,95 

Delivery time: 2 - 3 Days


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Features & functions

General (Lightings)
Beam range 165 m (Basis ANSI Nema FL1)
Run time 2 h in High mode, 2.5 h in Mid mode, 5 h in Low mode, 16 h in Eco mode, 5 h in Night flashing mode, 50 h in Day flashing mode
Maximum light output 1100 lumens
Charge time 3 h
Charge indicator Five-stage battery indicator Five-stage charge indicator
Integrated charge function Charging possible during operation USB-C charge function
Lighting modes Six light modes: High (1100 lm), Mid (800 lm), Low (400 lm), Eco (150 lm), Night flashing (800/400 lm) Day flashing (200 lm)
Light battery status Short button press shows the battery status
Mode Five pre-set mode profiles Mode memory function
Lighting type Osram LED
Side visibility Light Guide for excellent side visibility
Splash resistant In accordance with IPX4
Adjustable bracket 360° 3D adjustable Screwbracket incl. quick release
Tool-free mounting
Switch on protection Double click for ON
Weight 215 g (incl. bracket)


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