StVZO bike light with brightness sensor

The rechargeable AURA 45 USB has up to 45 lux at a range of 55 meters. This gets you through your daily routine on your bike safely and allows you to actively plan your leisure biking. The integrated brightness sensor automatically adjusts illuminance to ambient light. This ensures an optimal luminosity/burn time ratio.

Versatile use


Effectiveness ≤ 45 lux
Burn time
≤ 6,5 h


Effectiveness ≤ 15 lux
Burn time ≤ 21 h



It’s your choice: in addition to Auto mode with its automatic brightness adjustment, the AURA 45 USB features other light modes that you can activate as you desire.
In standard mode, the StVZO bike light can deliver 45 lux for 6.5 hours and in Eco mode 15 lux for a whopping 21 hours.

Automatic light adjustment

The AURA 45 USB is a bike light that follows the plot. In the “Auto” lighting mode, an integrated brightness sensor automatically adapts illuminance to ambient light (in a range from 15 to 45 lux). This maximises the time you can bike with optimal luminosity.

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Lateral visibility

Broad lighting elements on both sides ensure improved bicycle light visibility. This makes you easier to see and keeps you even safer in road traffic.


The AURA 45 USB will accompany you on all your bike adventures. It is resistant to splashing water in accordance with the international IPX4 standard, so it can be used in all types of weather.


The AURA 45 USB has an integrated rechargeable battery. The Micro-USB cable supplied charges the front light completely in a little over two hours. This saves money and protects the environment.

Battery/charge indicator

Practical: The charge indicator on the operating button shows the battery status. If the battery capacity is below 70 per cent, the LED in the button lights up green, and if capacity is below 30 per cent, it lights up red. You can also see the current charging status at any time during the charging process. As soon as the battery is fully charged, it lights up green. If you are in a hurry, you can charge the AURA 45 USB during operation.

Quick and simple mounting

The practical silicon handlebar bracket is permanently attached to the AURA 45 USB and ensures speedy, precise mounting to any handlebars. The bike light can thus be mounted and removed quickly and without tools.

Switch-on protection (double click)

The bike light is switched on with a double-click and switched off with a long button press. This function prevents inadvertent switching on (when it is in the user’s gym bag, for example).

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Art.No.: 17450

UVP: 44,95 

Delivery time: 2 - 3 Days


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Features & functions

General (Lightings)
Beam range 55 m
Run time 6,5 h im Standard-Modus; 21 h im Eco-Modus
Charge time 2,3 h
Effectiveness 45 LUX (15 Lux im Eco-Modus)
Charge indicator Two-stage battery indicator
Integrated charge function Charging possible during operation Micro USB charge function
Brightness sensor
Lighting type Osram LED
Side visibility
Splash resistant In accordance with IPX4
Adjustable bracket 360°
Tool-free mounting
Switch on protection Double click for ON
Weight 88 g (incl. bracket)


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