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“Biking is the greatest hobby in the world”

His long professional cycling career (19 Grand Tours stage victories and many cycle race successes all over the world) has won Marcel Kittel a place in the heart of the cycling community. Born in Thuringia, Kittel finished his professional career in 2019. But biking remains an important part of his life. “Now that my career is over, cycling means more to me than just speeding around on a racing bike. Biking is the greatest hobby in the world. You’re outside, you get to spend time on your bike with friends or family, and you can leave the daily grind behind,” he says. “I want to work with SIGMA to motivate people to exercise more and enjoy cycling,” Kittel says. “I have spent half of my life on a bicycle in road traffic, and those years have given me the impression that things out there are getting rougher. That is why it is very important to address bike safety. That is the issue I want to join SIGMA in tackling.”








Training area

Twente, Netherlands

Kilometres (lifetime)


First season



14 x

stage Tour de France (’17, ’16, ’14, ’13)

5 x

Scheldeprijs (’17, ’16, ’14, ’13, ’12)

4 x

stage Giro d’Italia (’16, ’14)

1 x

stage Vuelta a España (’11)

sigma stories

9 questions for Marcel

What motivates you to get on the bike every day?
I love nature and wind rushing past my face. On my bike, I have time for myself and can forget everything else.

How did you get into cycling?
My father, who was himself an amateur racer, introduced me to it. I saw him training all the time, but it didn’t win me over at first. But I eventually got curious, and shortly thereafter I started thinking about having my own racing bike.

In one word, describe the feeling you get when you cycle.

What was the most difficult moment in your career?
It was the right moment to end my professional career and capitalize on that decision.

Your favourite drink during a coffee break?
I like a tasty cappuccino.

What surface do you like riding on best?
I prefer gravel or asphalt.

What do you absolutely need during a competition?
Sun and high spirits.

What desires or goals do you have for your future career?
Every day, I want to do only the things I love.

What would a perfect day on the bike be like for you?
A ride in the sun with relaxed people, ending with a stop by the sea with lounge music, a shandy, and a sunset.

MArcel about the ROX 11.1 EVO

“The ROX 11.1 EVO has everything I need when I’m out biking. It’s easy to adjust if I want more data during the ride.”

MArcel about the AURA 100

“Every time I go out to my bike, I have my AURA with me. When I switch it on, I know that people can see me. It also extends my riding time, since I’m not dependent on daylight. It makes cycling a new experience. Riding in the dark is a different challenge, a different experience.”