EOX® VIEW 1300


Smart display for your e-bike

Are you looking for a bike computer for your e-bike, or do you find the functions of your current e-bike computer insufficient? Then the wireless EOX® VIEW 1300 is your perfect partner. It is ideally suited to the needs of e-bikers, ensuring an organized cockpit. During your tour, the EOX® VIEW 1300 shows you the current ride data and a number of e-bike-specific values such as assist mode, range, and battery level. You can customise the display view according to your wishes. Connect the EOX® VIEW 1300 with the EOX® app, record your tour, and receive turn-by-turn navigation from the komoot app on your display.

Broad range of functions

The EOX® View 1300 e-bike computer displays a wide range of e-bike-specific values as well as all classic bike computer data. You can use the EOX® app to customise the settings of the well-organised, easy-to-read display, so that only the data you need is displayed.

Wireless with a modern design

EOX® VIEW 1300’s slim design and clean lines allows it to fit perfectly into the overall e-bike appearance, maintaining the familiar SIGMA look for a bike computer in a tidy cockpit. The key is an integrated, long-lasting battery that makes the EOX® VIEW 1300 wireless, allowing it to be removed from the bracket just like a regular bike computer. The high-performance ANT+ and Bluetooth interface ensures a secure data connection.


Your individual display view

Your EOX® VIEW 1300 shows you exactly the values you prefer. You can use the EOX® app to configure your individual display views in just a few clicks. The smart bike computer can be integrated perfectly into our partners’ e-systems. For instance, the system name of the assist mode in question is displayed.


An eye on everything

Extremely practical: An integrated sensor automatically activates the display illumination. The EOX® VIEW 1300 is now illuminated for two seconds when the button is pressed. This gives you an ideal view of your data in all weather and at all times of day.

Perfectly networked with the EOX® app

Connect the EOX® VIEW 1300 to the free EOX® app on your smart phone in order to record and assess your tours. You can also see a summary of your recorded trips, including weekly, monthly, and annual distance and riding time statistics. This shows you whether you have reached your goals or not. Share your successes with friends on social media. You can also back up your data for free in the SIGMA CLOUD.

Reliable navigator

The EOX® VIEW 1300 also helps you navigate: Pair it with your komoot app and leave your smart phone in your pocket. Receive turn-by-turn navigation from the komoot app on your EOX® VIEW 1300 and have them shown in a readable form on the display, where the number of metres to the next turn-off is also shown.

Monitor your heart rate during your ride

Are you athletic, and do you want to keep an eye on your heart rate? Then pair the EOX® VIEW 1300 to a heart rate sensor with ANT+ or BLE. You always have the current values on your display, and the EOX® app records the data for later analysis. You can find a chest strap that works with it in our online shop.

OVER CLAMP BUTLER for perfect alignment

You can use the Over Clamp Butler to easily attach the EOX® VIEW 1300 to your e-bike above the stem. The bracket gives you space, order, and an ideal view of your device. You can use a screw to secure the bike computer against theft. The Butler fits handlebars of 31.8 and 35 mm diameters and is included in delivery.

Long-lasting and economical

A button battery (CR 2450) supplies your EOX® VIEW 1300 on all your tours for more than 1.5 years without being charged. An integrated chip stores all the values and settings during battery replacement.

Water-resistant and weatherproof

The EOX® VIEW 1300 is waterproof, so it can handle jet water during bike cleaning and will remain a reliable companion, no matter what weather you are out in.

Quick mounting and connection

The EOX® VIEW 1300 is wireless, so it can be twisted onto the handlebar bracket just like a regular bike computer with a simple click. It then pairs very quickly to most commonly used e-bike systems using BLE or ANT+ LEV.

You can find a complete list of compatible systems here:


Art.No.: 45050

UVP: 114,95 

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Features & functions

Dimension (W x L x H) 44,2 x 65,9 x 17,8 mm
Mount compatibility EOX® Ribbon Butler Overclamp Butler
Weight 43 g
Water resistance IPX6K IPX7
Battery CR 2450
Display size 2.4"
Resolution (pixel) Main display: 52 x 21
Color display / Number of colors 1
Display technology Transflective
Typical battery life ~1.5 years
Connectivity ANT+ BLE
Sensor technology Heart rate
Turn-by-turn navigation
Ambient light sensor
Data analysis
Basic functions
Average speed
Maximum speed
Training time (net)
Speed graph (with EOX® App)
Total ride time
Clock (12/24 hrs)
Cadence functions
Average cadence (with EOX® App)
Maximum cadence (with EOX® App)
Cadence graph (with EOX® App)
Heart rate functions
Current heart rate
Average heart rate (with EOX® App)
Maximum heart rate (with EOX® App)
Heart rate graph (with EOX® App)
Range - Display
Assist mode
Assist Mode and range (combination graphic)
E-bike battery (%) (with EOX® App)
E-bike battery (graphic)
Error messages
Gear indicator (graphic)
Light (graphic)
Motor support (watts)
Human Power vs. Motor Power - Display
Next service (date)
Next service (distance)
Service reminder
Power functions
Current power
Average power (with EOX® App)
Power - Max (with EOX® App)
Power graph (with EOX® App)
E-Bike control functions
Automatic light control
Change assist mode
Light control (full beam)
Light control (on/off)
Pushing aid
Switching on/off
Navigation functions
Turning guidance
Distance to the next waypoint
Status functions
Current temperature
Maximum temperature (with EOX® App)


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