Data Center

Keep track of your activities

The DATA CENTER is the platform to plan your individual training sessions and evaluate the data gathererd on your PC or MAC. Statistical and graphic overviews can be found here.


The dashboard gives you an overview of the recent training sessions. So you know your current training volume, the status of the device and you can import missing workouts right away.

Your performances and records can be found under “Personal Best”, selectable by activitiy and year


As a ROX GPS-user your planning can be done in the DATA CENTER. In addition to evaluating the distance travelled, the map functionality can also be used to import and edit routes and determine waypoints or POIs. Multiple routing options are suggested to you. The planned route is directly transferrable to the ROX and you are good to go right away.

Activity Display

This area lists all activities transferred to the DATA CENTER giving you quick access your last training sessions and get an overview of the most important values.

Easily recognize and distinguish all activities of the respective sport by their color code. Display them in a summary page or select by sport. This makes comparing the data easier.

Evaluation of your data


Keep track of your training sessions on a weekly, monthly or even annual basis in the traditional calender view. Additionally, there are graphs for average heart-rate, cadence or speed in the selected period of time.


All your training sessions are logged as statistics in the overview. You can filter the total overview of all training sessions through various display options. Of course, you can also view individual workouts in detail via the statistics. These functions are possible across all devices.

stay connected

Want to share your activities on popular platforms? No problem! Connect your accounts such as Strava, TrainingPeaks, komoot, 2Peak, Facebook or Twitter up in the DATA CENTER’s settings and you are good to go.

Compatible devices

ROX 2.0
ROX 4.0
ROX 11.1 EVO
ROX 12.1 EVO Only activities and tracks via SIGMA Ride App and SIGMA Cloud
ROX 5.0
ROX 6.0
ROX 8.0
ROX 8.1
ROX 9.0
ROX 9.1
ROX 10.0 GPS
ROX GPS 11.0
BC 509
BC 1009 / BC 1009 STS
BC 1609 / BC 1609 STS
BC 1909 HR
BC 2209 MHR
BC 5.12
BC 8.12 / BC 8.12 W
BC 12.12 / BC 12.12 STS
BC 14.12
BC 16.12 / BC 16.12 STS
BC 5.16
BC 7.16 / BC 7.16 ATS
BC 9.16 / BC 9.16 ATS
BC 14.16 / BC 14.16 STS
BC 16.16 / BC 16.16 STS
BC 23.16 STS
RC 14.11
RC Move



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