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Small but mighty

Small power light for everyday use

Ready when you are! The light set, consisting of the BUSTER 150 front light and the NUGGET II FLASH rear light, is a reliable companion, day and night. With 150 lumens, a beam range of 74 meters, and up to 25 hours of burn time, the BUSTER 150 ensures roads and trails are always well-lit. Preset profiles make the five different light modes even more convenient to use. You can select the profile that is just right for your requirements and then simply switch between modes that you actually need at the moment. The small, compact NUGGET II FLASH rear light with its flash function, 400 meters of visibility range, and a burn time of up to eight hours provides serious safety benefits in road traffic.

buster 150

Five light modes – your choice


Lumens ≤ 150
Burn time ≤ 3 h


Lumens ≤ 75
Burn time ≤ 7.5 h


Lumens ≤ 35
Burn time ≤ 14.5 h


Lumens ≤ 100/400
Burn time ≤ 5 h


Lumens ≤ 40
Burn time ≤ 25 h

Sometimes you need all your light’s power on dark trails, and other times you just want to be seen – the BUSTER 150 has the right solution for any biking situation. You can choose from five different modes to adjust luminosity and battery life.

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Only the modes that you need

The BUSTER 150 offers you five pre-set mode profiles to make it easier to use. The advantage: Once you have chosen the profile you want, toggle between only those light modes that you really need for your ride.

The light with a memory

The memory function ensures that you always start in the light mode that you used last time. The profile also always stays the same as your last selection. This makes it easy for anyone to get started quickly.

Laterally visible thanks to the Light Guide

The SIGMA logo on the longitudinal sides of the BUSTER 150 functions as a Light Guide. This is not only a visual highlight, but also provides significantly greater lateral visibility in traffic, enhancing safety. This lets vehicle drivers and others on the road see you better.

Perfectly lit

The high-quality, high-power Osram LED and the converging lens developed specially by SIGMA gives the BUSTER 150 very even light distribution across the entire lighting pattern. The light offers you all the the necessary safety, even during fast rides or on poorly lit trails.

Compact & lIGHt

Rechargeable thanks to the battery

The BUSTER 150’s integrated lithium ion battery can be conveniently recharged via a USB-C port. The light is completely recharged after just 2.5 hours. Changing batteries is a thing of the past – both convenient and good for the environment.

Three-level battery indicator

Briefly pressing the control button provides information about the battery level. The scale has three levels and shows you how much capacity remains available to you. The LED also provides information about the current battery status during the charging process.


The BUSTER 150 can be mounted on the handlebars in a matter of seconds thanks to the silicone bracket. It can be positioned horizontally or vertically as needed so that it can be perfectly positioned for curved handlebars. The power light has a quick release so that it can be stowed quickly and compactly. The integrated slider allows the BUSTER 150 to be pushed on and removed conveniently. The SIGMA bike bracket fits on handlebars of 22-35 mm diameter.

Double-click for light

You can turn on the BUSTER 150 with a double click. But a long push on the On/Off button switches the light off again. This function makes sure you can put the BUSTER 150 in your pocket without any trouble and without inadvertently switching it back on.

Light in wind and weather

The BUSTER 150 is resistant to splash water in accordance with the international IPX4 standard. Bike tours during wind and weather are no problem.


A universal helmet bracket is available for the BUSTER 150. It secures the light firmly to your helmet – even on very bumpy night rides!

Video tip


A special adapter for the SIGMA Short and Long Butlers lets you attach the BUSTER 150 – or an action camera – right under the bike computer. This keeps you cockpit neat and clean. The adapter is available as an accessory in the online shop.

nugget ii flash

Three light modes


Visibility range ≤ 400 m
Burn time ≤ 5 h

high power

Visibility range ≤ 400 m
Burn time ≤ 2 h

high power flashing

Visibility range ≤ 400 m
Burn time ≤ 8 h

The NUGGET II FLASH enables cyclists to choose from three light modes to adjust luminosity and battery life. In Standard mode, the rear light can operate for up to five hours, in High Power mode up to two hours, and in High Power Flashing mode up to eight hours.


The NUGGET II FLASH not only is able to light up constantly, but also has a flash mode. High Power Flashing mode lasts for up to eight hours, drawing attention to the cyclist with its pulsing LED.

Fresnel lens

The Fresnel lens specially developed by SIGMA is ideally suited to the NUGGET II FLASH’s design. Thanks to its ring-shaped structure, it ensures good light distribution in extremely small spaces. Its lateral visibility, which goes well beyond 220°, is particularly noteworthy.


The NUGGET II FLASH has an integrated lithium-ion battery. The USB port for recharging is well covered at the bottom of the rear light and thus protected from dust and splash water. The supplied Micro-USB cable can be used to charge the NUGGET II FLASH completely in two hours. This saves money and protects the environment.

Two-level charge indicator

There are two symbols above the lens. This enables you to keep an eye on the NUGGET II FLASH’s battery status and charge level so that you have no unpleasant surprises on your bike tour.


The NUGGET II FLASH rear light is protected against splashing water according to the international IPX4 standard, making it eminently suited to inclement weather conditions.

Quick to mount

The two O-rings included in delivery can be used to attach the NUGGET II FLASH to all common seat posts quickly and without tools, so it can be used with different bikes.

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Features & functions - BUSTER 150

General (Lightings)
Beam range 74 m (Basis ANSI Nema FL1)
Run time 3 h in Standard mode; 4 h in Mid mode; 6 h in Low mode, 12 h in Eco mode
Maximum light output 150 lumens
Charge time 2,5 h
Charge indicator Three-stage battery/charge indicator
Integrated charge function Charging possible during operation USB-C charge function
Lighting modes Five light modes: High (150 lm), Mid (75 lm), Low (35 lm), Night flashing (100/40 lm) Day flashing (40 lm)
Light battery status Short button press shows the battery status
Mode Five pre-set mode profiles Mode memory function
Lighting type Osram LED
Side visibility Light Guide for excellent side visibility
Splash resistant In accordance with IPX4
Adjustable bracket 360° Silicone mount with quick release
Tool-free mounting
Switch on protection Double click for ON
Weight 76 g (incl. bracket)

Features & functions - NUGGET II FLASH

General (Lightings)
Visibility range ≤ 400 m
Run time ≤ 6 h
Charge time 2 h
Charge indicator Two-stage battery indicator
Integrated charge function
Lighting type LED
Side visibility
Splash resistant In accordance with IPX4
Tool-free mounting with O-ring bracket
Weight 22 g

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