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Bike Lights with Lux and Lumen

Bike Lights with Lux and Lumen

Ever wondered why there are different units of measurement for SIGMA bike lights? One talking about lux (e.g. AURA series) and the other about lumen (e.g. BUSTER series). For those who are not familiar with the two different terms, that might sound confusing. It is, however, a very simple distinction, and we will tell you why.

First of all, both terms describe properties of light. In simple terms, lumen is about light output and lux describes the effectiveness of the light, or easier: power versus volume. The higher the lumen value, the more light is provided by the lamp. Lux values give information about the brightness of a point in a specified area.

Germany established a strong regulation, when it comes to public road traffic (StVZO) and requires an anti-glare lighting pattern for front lights. Therefore, the homogenity of the light field is very important in the development of our StVZO certified lights, like the AURA series. It is the optics that determine the distribution of the light output from the LED. The more the optics focuses the light, the greater the lux values are.

The AURA series with StVZO certification.

One of the most frequent questions about our bike lights for the German market with lux indication is: how many lumens has this light? Well, that is hard to say, because different parameters have to be considered. In general terms, one lux is equal to one lumen per square meter. But when establishing a correlation, the angle of radiation and the distance play an important role, too. Our testing modes for the lux and lumen lights differ a lot from each other. If you are determined to figure it out, you can find several lighting calculators online who will help with the conversion.

Road cyclist need strong front lights, like AURA 80 USB

Finding the right front light, it is a question of personal preference. For instance, if you want a high power light for frequent night riding and outdoor trips, we do recommend our power lights of the BUSTER series. Are you more of an urban road cycler and prefer focused spot lights? Then try our AURA lights. To get a proper impression of each bike light, check out our online light guide.


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