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Award-winning battery-powered bike light set with an elegant design

This high-quality StVZO light set is a safe companion even off paved roads. The AURA 80 USB front light has 80 lux for a range of more than 90 meters. LED indicators on its top give you information about the remaining battery charge level and the current lighting mode. The rechargeable BLAZE rear light is equipped with a brake light function which, with the integrated brightness sensor and a visibility range of up to 500 meters, gives the bike even more safety. Stiftung Warentest rated the AURA 80 in the 9/2020 issue, giving it an overall GOOD rating (2.0), with the BLAZE also receiving GOOD (1.7), the best among the rear lights tested.

aura 80 usb

Four modes to choose from


Effectiveness ≤ 80 lux
Burn time ≤ 4 h


Effectiveness ≤ 60 lux
Burn time ≤ 5 h


Effectiveness ≤ 40 lux
Burn time ≤ 6,5 h


Effectiveness ≤ 20 lux
Burn time ≤ 15 h

You can use the four light modes to decide for yourself how much lighting power to use and how long you want to ride. At the highest level, the front light battery is good for more than four hours. In twilight or on well-lit streets, you can use Eco mode, which provides sufficient bike lighting for up to 15 hours.

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The AURA 80 USB’s integrated lithium-ion battery can be charged at any time with Micro-USB. In a maximum of 4.5 hours, your front light is fully charged and functional. This saves money and protects the environment.

Multi-level indicators

Exceptionally practical: The AURA 80 USB is equipped with multi-level indicators for battery capacity and luminosity. Yellow LEDs on the top show you the currently selected light mode. The green LEDs inform you precisely about the remaining charge in your StVZO bike light. If the charge level falls below about 10 percent, the AURA 80 USB automatically switches to Eco mode to keep you out of the dark on your bike tour. If you are in a hurry, you can charge the front light even during operation.


The lateral Light Guide is not just a visual highlight. The two additional LEDs ensure significantly higher lateral visibility. Other road users can thus see you easier.

High-quality design

Innovation meets modern design. The Light Guide, the battery and light mode indicator, and the housing with its aluminium application give you not just a bike light, but an optical highlight. And that is not all: With all its components and considerable luminosity, the AURA 80 USB, including its bracket, weighs only 119 grams.


No excuses, even when the weather is bad: The AURA 80 USB is protected against splashing water according to the international IPX4 standard, making it suitable for bike tours in inclement weather conditions.

Simple mounting

The practical silicon handlebar bracket is permanently attached to the AURA 80 USB and ensures speedy, precise mounting to any handlebars. This allows the bike light, which complies with German road traffic regulations (StVZO), to be mounted and removed without tools.

Switch-on protection

The bike light is switched on with a double-click and switched off with a long button press. This function prevents inadvertent switching on (when it is in the user’s pocket, for example).


Two light modes – plus the brake light

Auto sensor

Visibility range ≤ 500 m
Burn time ≤ 7 h

Manual continuous light

Visibility range ≤ 500 m
Burn time ≤ 7 h

Brake light

Visibility range ≤ 1500 m
Burn time ca. 3 s

Brake light for day and night

An integrated brake light for more safety: Three bright LEDs signal braking to others on the road for about three seconds thanks to the integrated acceleration sensor. The brake light can be used during the day without being continuously lit, giving you more visibility in road traffic. It is also an extremely helpful feature for group rides.

Automatically well-lit

Always visible when you need to be: In Auto mode, the integrated brightness sensor detects the ambient light and automatically switches the rear light on and off as needed. It is also an extremely helpful feature for group rides.

Blaze – Bremslicht
Blaze – Bremslicht on

You can select between the auto sensor light, which activates itself in the dark, and the continuous light, which you turn on manually with a double-click. For both variants, the acceleration sensor triggers the brake light for about three seconds.


The BLAZE rear light has an integrated battery. It is charged via the Micro-USB socket, which can also be used with any PC. The supplied Micro-USB cable can be used to charge the rear light completely in three hours. This saves money and protects the environment.

Battery/charge indicator

Flexible mounting

The silicone strap included in delivery can be used to attach the BLAZE to all common seat posts quickly and without tools, so it can be used with different bikes.


The BLAZE rear light is protected against splashing water according to the international IPX4 standard, making it eminently suited to inclement weather conditions.

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Art.No.: 17860

UVP: 89,95 

Delivery time: 2 - 3 Days


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Features & functions - AURA 80 USB

General (Lightings)
Beam range 90 m
Run time 4 h im Standard-Modus; 5 h im Mid-Modus; 6,5 h im Low-Modus, 15 h im Eco-Modus
Charge time 4,5 h
Effectiveness 80 LUX (60 LUX im Mid-Modus, 40 LUX im Low-Modus und 20 LUX im Eco-Modus)
Charge indicator Five-stage charge indicator
Integrated charge function Charging possible during operation Micro USB charge function
Lighting type Osram LED
Side visibility Light Guide for excellent side visibility
Splash resistant In accordance with IPX4
Adjustable bracket 360°
Tool-free mounting
Switch on protection Double click for ON
Weight 119 g (incl. bracket)
Stiftung Warentest Gut (2,2) – 09/2020
StVZO admitted

Features & functions - BLAZE

General (Lightings)
Visibility range 500 m
Run time 7 h
Charge time 3 h
Charge indicator Two-stage battery indicator
Integrated charge function Micro USB charge function
3 LED brake light function
Brightness sensor
Side visibility
Splash resistant In accordance with IPX4
Tool-free mounting with O-ring bracket
Weight 22 g
Stiftung Warentest Testsieger Gut (1,7) – 09/2020
StVZO admitted
Day and night mode

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