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18 Oct 2022 | News

Light up the night: The new BUSTER lights from SIGMA SPORT

Four new BUSTER front lights and two BUSTER rear lights will provide concentrated lighting power starting in autumn 2022. They can be adapted to the individual needs of every cyclist, ensure safety in road traffic, and make night-time tours pure pleasure on and off the road.

Neustadt an der Weinstrasse, 12 October 2022: With the new BUSTER 1100, BUSTER 800, BUSTER 400, and BUSTER 150 front lights and the BUSTER RL 150 and RL 80 rear lights, cyclists will have everything in view at dusk and in the dark season. “Our BUSTER lights provide individual lighting power, more ease of use, and plenty of safety on roads and trails,” reports SIGMA Managing Director Robin Schendel. “The six new models are equipped with a number of innovative features. We at SIGMA are proud of these practical implementations and the modern, shapely design of the lights.”

Great ease of use and customisable mode profiles
Five preset mode profiles make the operation of the BUSTER front lights even more comfortable: for commuters, for example, there is a profile that only displays the Night Flashing and Day Flashing modes, while the High mode and the Night Flashing mode are available for gravel laps. The advantage? Once the appropriate profile has been selected, cyclists only switch between the light modes they really need for their tour. The memory function ensures that cyclists always start with the light mode they used last time. The mode profile also remains the same as the last selection – a practical feature for all those who want to be ready to go quickly. The front lights can be mounted on the handlebars in a few easy steps and individually aligned. A new and particularly useful feature can be found in the bracket: if desired, it can remain permanently on the handlebar and the light can be quickly removed and safely stowed in the backpack. The SIGMA logo on the lights is backlit to ensure greater safety thanks to higher lateral visibility.

Full visibility with BUSTER 1100 and BUSTER 800
With up to 1100 lumens and a light range of 165 metres, the BUSTER 1100 front light ensures perfectly illuminated roads and trails. The innovative double lens with two different optics and two Osram LEDs provides a lot of brightness and an extra wide and consistent light pattern so that a lot of area is also illuminated to the side of the path. This gives cyclists an optimum view of bends and hanging branches so they can enjoy their ride to the fullest. And with six light modes (High, Mid, Low, Eco, Night Flashing and Day Flashing) and a burn time of up to 50 hours in Day Flashing mode, no ride will outlast the light. A whopping 800 lumens and 170 metres of light range make the BUSTER 800 a reliable partner for evening training sessions. Thanks to the high-quality high-power LED from CREE and the lens specially developed by SIGMA, the 150-gram BUSTER 800 offers even light distribution across the entire range of light patterns. Five different light modes always ensure the right light intensity and shines for up to 30 hours depending on the setting. A six-stage battery indicator shows precisely how much power is left in both lights. When switched off, a short press on the On/Off button is enough. The current light mode is also precisely indicated on the LED display. Thanks to the USB-C quick-charge function, the large battery of the BUSTER 1100 is quickly charged in just three hours, and the battery of the BUSTER 800 fully charges within four hours. The charge level is displayed in five steps. If you are in a hurry, you can also charge the battery while driving using a power bank. BUSTER 800 and BUSTER 1100 are also available as helmet lights.

Safe on the road with the BUSTER 150 and 400 front lights.
The BUSTER 150 and 400 front lights are perfect for commuters and casual cyclists for daily use in road traffic. With 150 lumens of light intensity, a compact design, and a weight of only 76 grams, the BUSTER 150 is the smallest and lightest light in the BUSTER family. With 400 lumens of light power and a range of up to 120 metres, the BUSTER 400 provides very good and homogeneous illumination of roads and paths. The six-stage battery indicator on the top provides information about the current battery status at all times. The BUSTER 400 weighs 107 grams and is fully charged within three hours via USB-C charging function – the BUSTER 150 already after 2.5 hours. Five light modes, including a Night Flashing and a Day Flashing mode, ensure optimum visibility and visibility in road traffic for both power lights in every lighting situation.

Perfect addition: The new BUSTER RL 80 and RL 150 tail lights
The new BUSTER RL 80 rear light delivers a light output of up to 80 lumens and has a visibility range of 1500 metres. Five light modes including three flashing modes provide optimum illumination in all lighting conditions. With up to 150 lumens of concentrated light power, a visibility range of an incredible 2000 metres, a brake light function, and five light modes for day and night, the BUSTER RL 150 significantly increases driver safety in road traffic. Thanks to the acceleration sensor integrated in the BUSTER RL 150, two bright LEDs signal the braking process clearly and reliably for other road users. The beam angle of 240° for the RL 80 and 280° for the RL 150, in combination with the front light, ensures almost all-round visibility. Extremely practical: the rear lights also have a memory function and activate the last selected light level the next time they are switched on. A short press on the control button shows the battery status for both rear lights.

Now on sale!
The new front and rear lights are now available individually and in sets, the BUSTER 1100 from fall/winter 2022/23. For retrofitting, there is a GoPro Front Light Adapter with which any BUSTER front light can be mounted directly under the bike computer and as a further accessory for the BUSTER 800 and the BUSTER 1100 a universal helmet mount.

Press photos for download in the SIGMA press area.

Front lights:
BUSTER 150: RRP 24.95 Euro
BUSTER 400: RRP 39.95 Euro
BUSTER 800: RRP 69.95 Euro
BUSTER 1100: RRP 84.95 Euro

Rear lights:
BUSTER RL 80: RRP 19.95 Euro
BUSTER RL 150: RRP 29.95 Euro

BUSTER 150 / NUGGET II FLASH Set: RRP 34.95 Euro
BUSTER 400 / BUSTER RL 80 Set: RRP 54.95 Euro
BUSTER 400 / BLAZE FLASH Set: RRP 59.95 Euro
BUSTER 800 / BUSTER RL 80 Set: RRP 84.95 Euro
BUSTER 800 / BUSTER RL 150 Set: RRP 94.95 Euro
BUSTER 1100 / BUSTER RL 150 Set: RRP 109.95 Euro